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This IS the Evolution of Theresa
Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Badass Boss
Theresa’s journey in music is nothing short of inspiring. Since reigniting her musical passion five years ago, Theresa has experienced countless highlights in her career. Theresa has illuminated the music landscape with 17 remarkable singles. Her music has resonated with fans worldwide, accumulating over 1M Spotify Streams, more than 350K YouTube Streams, and a staggering 2M streams in retail stores across the United States. By day, Theresa is a powerhouse advertising music executive, a role she likens to the dual identities of Jem and Jerrica. She expertly balances her demanding career with her musical pursuits, often wishing for more hours in the day to fulfill all her creative ambitions. Yet, she thrives in both realms, embracing the unique challenges they present.
Theresa’s love for music dates back to her childhood. Her father gifted her Laura Branigan’s album “Branigan” when she was just two and a half, sparking an obsession with the hit song "Gloria" that ignited her passion for music. Madonna’s arrival on the scene soon after cemented Theresa’s desire to become a star. Theresa’s musical influences are as diverse as her sound. Whilst citing Madonna as her musical fairy godmother, Theresa’s influences are followed closely by Duran Duran’s fashion and videography; Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Billy Joel and Debbie Gibson also contribute to her unique style. In her early twenties, Theresa was part of a band called The Yips, performing around NYC. Although those times were more about fun than serious pursuit, they laid the groundwork for her current appreciation of performing. Now, she views each performance as a gift, a chance to connect with her audience and grow as an artist.
As a songwriter, Theresa’s inspiration comes from everywhere, experiences, people, places, other artists, and books. She allows creativity to flow naturally, avoiding the trap of forcing her art. This organic approach to songwriting has been a driving force since in her artistry, resulting in an ever-evolving and diverse discography. 
Currently based in Queens, NY, Theresa continues to draw inspiration from her surroundings. Describing her artist persona in three words—confident, inspiring, trailblazer—Theresa is set to make waves with her latest single ‘Vacation’. The music video for “Vacation” is in post-production, and she plans to release another single, “Love Conquers All,” this fall. With live dates to be announced soon, 2024 promises to be an exciting year for Theresa and her fans.
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