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"A celebration of being herself, the infectious offering reminds us to block the outside noise, leave aside anything out of our control and simply keep charging ahead in life, stopping for nothing and no one."


"This single is not just another addition to her growing discography; it's a personal outcry. This track, oozing with vibrant dance-pop energy, feels like a fresh breeze on a summer day. The sound is on point and the lyrics are a window into her journey, the challenges she's faced, and her unyielding spirit."


Safe + Sound

"Moulding a classic sound with a modernised production, she hits all those sweet spots and notes that all us pop lovers crave."


"Continuing to reinvent the wheel of pop, Theresa showcases time and time again that she has the songwriting ability to match up with the very best at the moment. "

- Find Your Sounds


"In an all encompassing and instantaneously catchy track, Theresa possesses a charismatic and empowering voice, which sits so well on top of the clever and rhythmic production. A song all about going out in the world and not just sitting still, it feels like this a perfect reflection of her attitude towards life and music as a whole; never quitting. Smooth and melodically flowing, Theresa provides a real sumptuous slice of pop woven music that is fun and accessible, which is exactly what pop music should be. She ensues all of her character and personality into ‘Move’, and it’s hard not to get swept up in Theresa’s offering."

Music News UK


"This uplifting single is built on thumping beats, playful electro clips, 90s-esque vocal loops and playful synth notes; all of which create of kaleidoscopic soundscape brimming with possibility. It's easy to grasp the encouraging message at the heart of 'Magic', which guides the listening to optimistic thinking with perfectly picked lyrics."

Get It Shared

Under the Influence

"While the music is obviously important to Theresa, she also stated, “I want to inspire people to follow their dreams - no matter how big - at any age. If we believe in ourselves and push our fears aside, we can do anything we put our minds to. Our dreams do NOT expire!”. Amen to that! There’s far too many talented artists and people generally who never have the guts to take it from a dream to reality, but we’re thrilled she did because now we get to further explore the greatness she’s shared in the world. If there’s one thing that can keep our spirits up, it’s a well tailored pop track that lets loose right from the get go."

We Write About Music

Evolution of a Lady

"As some of the lyrics read, "I'm one tough chick, don't you wanna be like me?" I have to say, yes, yes; I would love to be like you! Fearless, talented, and a boss babe! It seems like nothing can hold this lady back, and we are not mad at it."

- IndieWavves

Level Up

"Theresa is back again with an amazing pop anthem titled “Level Up”. This song will leave you stuck on repeat for so long! The vibes are amazing and there is a great level of songwriting that shines up through this record."

- Cheers To The Vikings

Kiss Kiss

"The 80s vibes are strong this one. It sounds like the bubbliest of bubblegum. I’m imagining that if it was a flavour, I expect it would taste of watermelon bubblicious. This is how, candy popping, 80s authentic the track sounds."


"fun, upbeat single."


Bright Light

"an uplifting pop song with positive lyrics and a pulsing beat all highlighting Theresa’s delightful vocals."


"With a classic four-on-the-floor beat and bouncing bass, the track is as danceable as it is uplifting."


"A song about seeing the light in the dark when things don't really go their way, or when the whole world is in chaos. In other words, it is clearly an appropriate song for the moment that produces positive energy."


Let Go

"Theresa is doing something that not only demands your attention but truly stands out amongst the crowd. We can’t wait to hear more from the artist, but until then, we’ll just have to keep ‘Let Go’ on repeat."


"It’s a song with real magic and unique taste, a song that gives you an amazing dose of energy and gives you a beautiful journey into Theresa’s world. It’s a song with impressive sound and creative tones, a beautiful song that produced perfectly and delivered in the best way to you."


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