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This IS the Evolution of Theresa
er/Songwriter/Producer/Badass Boss

Meet Theresa, the unstoppable force who seamlessly juggles the roles of an advertising music executive by day and a popstar by night. At the age of 43, Theresa stands as an embodiment of tenacity and passion, charting her path on the modern pop scene. While mastering her role in the corporate world, she simultaneously follows her dreams of becoming a full-time recording artist and hit songwriter, sharing her captivating journey one song at a time.

Amidst the unpredictable waves of the past few years, Theresa has illuminated the music landscape with 14 remarkable singles. Her music has resonated, accumulating over 750K Spotify Streams, more than 325K YouTube Streams, and a staggering 2M streams in retail stores across the United States. Theresa recently released her 15th single, ‘Unstoppable,’ on September 1st, produced by the UK-based Alfie Cattell, Theresa's journey of artistic evolution continues to unfold.

‘Unstoppable’ is another bold and unwavering example of how far Theresa has come over the years. Full of personality and dance pop vigor, the track immediately explodes into an intoxicating and fresh modern day pop song that sticks. It’s bouncy, infectious and exciting from Theresa, with both the production and her flawless pop-woven lyricism providing an absolute treat for the ears. It has an edge and grit about it, which aligns with the empowering meaning behind the song itself.


Theresa says “"Unstoppable" is all about owning my confidence and making no apologies for being the badass I am. Despite the outside noise and challenges that I can not control, I must remind myself to keep going - I AM UNSTOPPABLE!”


It’s clear that Theresa is on a mission to become the next big thing in pop, and if her countless and ever improving releases throughout 2023 are anything to go by, it surely won’t be too much longer until her name is in lights.

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